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Understanding SEO

What is SEO?

What do you do initially when you need fresh marketing concepts? What happens if you determine it's time to look for a new accounting programme? Or even if you notice you need a new tire for your vehicle?

Let's assume you use Google.

According to Impact Plus, 61% of marketers said that SEO would be their top marketing goal in 2021. The fact that your company will face a digital uphill struggle without having at least some presence on Google is a cold, hard fact. You'll find a service to increase your internet visibility with Dark Artz Studios called search engine optimisation (SEO). We will make full use of SEO, its principles, and the steps needed to place your website in search engine results.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO means expanding a company's exposure in organic search results. As a result, the company's website receives greater traffic, boosting the likelihood that more visitors will convert into customers and greater income.

When asked to define SEO, we frequently go with the phrase "a strategy to ensure that people find your website when they Google your product or service category."

However, this slightly simplifies the discipline.

There are several techniques to increase the SEO of the pages on your website. The following factors are among those that search engines check for: title tags, keywords, image tags, internal link structure, and inbound links (also known as backlinks).


To evaluate how highly placed your site should be in their SERPs, search engines also consider your site's structure and design, visitor behaviour, and other external, off-site variables.

After accounting for all of these variables, SEO largely affects ranks and visibility.


Rankings is how search engines choose where to position a specific web page in the SERP. A web page can rank for one position at a time, with rankings starting at position zero and continuing until the last number of search engine results for the query. Due to ageing, competition in the SERP, or algorithm updates by the search engine itself, a web page's ranking may alter over time.


Visibility refers to the prominence of a specific domain in search engine results. When a domain isn't accessible for many relevant search queries, it has a lower search visibility; when it has a higher search visibility, the converse is true.

Both are in charge of achieving the two primary SEO goals: traffic and domain authority.

What's the importance of SEO?

You need to utilise SEO for a crucial reason: the tactic essentially helps you position your brand throughout the full buying experience.

In turn, SEO can make sure that your marketing plans reflect the modern consumer.


Because, as Google acknowledged, consumer behaviour has permanently shifted.

92% of internet searches as of June 2021 take place on Google-owned websites.


Additionally, they favour handling the majority of the purchasing process on their own.

For instance, Ststista discovered that 60% of people do online brand research prior to making a purchase. Furthermore, this procedure has never been trickier.


Last but not least, 67% of B2B buyers start the purchasing process with a general web search, according to DemandGen's 2022 B2B Buyer's Survey.

But how do they make use of search engines while doing this?

They begin the procedure by using Google to research their issue. Some people also ask about possible solutions.

Before contacting a company, people assess the alternatives based on reviews or social media hype. But this occurs after they have used every available informational resource.

Therefore, appearing in their search results is your only chance to get their attention and have them take you seriously.

How does Google determine a page's ranking?

Search engines have just one objective. They want to give users the most pertinent solutions or data.

Their algorithms select the pages that are most pertinent to your inquiry each time you use them. Then sort them by authority or popularity, showing the highest ranked ones first.

Search engines evaluate two aspects in order to provide users with the appropriate information:

Relevance -The correspondence between a search query and the information on a page.

Search engines evaluate it based on a number of variables, such as the topic or keywords.

Authority - Internet website popularity serves as a proxy for authority. Google makes the assumption that the more well-liked a website or resource is, the more readers will value its content.

And they employ sophisticated equations known as search algorithms to analyse all of this data.


Search engines don't reveal their algorithms. The variables that SEOs take into account when rating a page, however, have been identified over time. They are the main objective of an SEO strategy and are known as ranking factors.

The E-A-T framework can be quite helpful when determining relevance and authority. In SEO, the letters E-A-T stand for "expertise," "authority," and "trustworthiness." Additionally, even though these aren't actual ranking factors, they can help your SEO content, which in turn can influence actual ranking factors.

Increasing internal links, optimising picture filenames, and adding more content can all have an impact on your rankings and search visibility. And the reason for that is because every one of those actions raises a ranking component.

Why you should outsource your SEO tasks to Dark Artz Studios

Your team is already at capacity? You lack interest in SEO? Perhaps you lack the financial resources to hire an SEO professional full time?

What's next?


The best use of your money is to hire a reliable specialist to handle your SEO needs.




Dark Artz Photography Studios SEO Solutions are first and foremost experts in generating organic traffic, leads, and sales for companies. Since we do this on a daily basis, we won't require the same amount of time to ramp up as you or a member of your team would in order to learn the fundamentals.

On the surface, SEO may appear to be simple to understand. However, we have worked with hundreds of websites with our experts spending years honing their talents, and we have the expertise and statistics to back up every step they take when optimising a site.


Hiring Dark Artz Creative Studios is significantly more cost-effective than spending money on most other forms of promotion.

Contracting us professionals who can perform search engine optimisation chores accurately and effectively takes far less time and money than learning the breadth of information required.


As an agency, Dark Artzs Photography Studios splits the cost of additional software, research, attending seminars, the cost of links, and many other items among numerous clients rather than you the customer as an individual bearing the full cost.

If you've read this, then you found our website. If you found our website, that itself shows that we know what we're doing when it comes to SEO. 

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